To Blog or not to Blog...

So here I am...still in my jammies at 10:57 am and starting my first blog entry!

I have never blogged before because I wasn't sure it was a current thing to do anymore. Times change so quickly and what was "in" yesterday could be "out" today.

I asked my 20 year old son about it and he said people read blogs but they want it to be real and not perfect. "Just talk like you are talking to me" is what he said...oh how I love him!

So here I am...definitely not perfect...just being me :)

I just want to talk about how to feel better...even just for a little while...during Covid 19.

Now these things work for me and may not work for you , but again this is just me being real and sharing what I do, and don't do, to help keep myself in a good state of mental heath and happier :)

I don't watch the news...I just don't watch makes me anxious and it is meant to scare and rile us up. This I actually learnt back in high school but I can't remember what class.

I am much happier if I don't watch the news :) I choose a reputable news source and google it every couple of days to catch up on world events. I choose what I read and what I don't read.

I talk to people. If I have to go out for groceries I talk to the person at the door of the store, who's job it is now to ask me to use the hand sanitizer before giving me a sanitized cart to shop with, and thank them for their help. I talk to the people working in the store and thank them for being there so I can have fresh produce and everything else on my list. I smile at people in the store and say hello if they smile back...and even if they don't smile back because that's just me :)

I keep in touch with family and friends through phone calls and messages. I am in Sorrento BC (our 2nd house) with my hubby and our 2 doggos. It is beautiful here but no amount of sunshine can replace the fact that I can't see my family and really helps but doesn't stop me from missing them.

Lastly I try to choose one thing to do each day that will make me happy. Some days it is to clean my kitchen and others it is to get comfy on my couch and just watch movies...some days it is a goal just to shower and do my hair! Yesterday, it was to take my dog for a walk and finish editing of some Christmas photos I took of my family.

I find if I set a small goal for each day it really helps me maintain a positive outlook on life. It may sound cheesy, but it works for me especially when I am feeling down.

Today one of my goals was to complete my first Blog...and YAY I did it!!

It is not easy for me to put my thoughts in writing and send them out into the world...but I am doing it today in the hope that I may have helped you, in just some small way, to smile and have hope that we will all make it through this time of change together <3 :)

Oh I forgot how much I love those booties lol

Photo credit to Emily-May Photography of Kamloops, BC

Please check her out at:

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