Just a little about me:

I grew up in Northern British Columbia in the small town of Charlie Lake.   My Husband and I raised our sons in Ft St John, BC. and in 2020 we chose to make the Shuswap our home!
We have two dogs, a Great Dane/English Mastiff and an American Bully  who are full of love and definitely cause a few shenanigans! 

I love to watch all the rom-coms and cheesy Christmas movies! I also love a great vampire series and home improvement show!

I have always loved photography! I know that all photographers say that, but its probably why we are photographers! I  love that photography is an ever changing art and that there is always something to study, learn and practice!

So now that you know a little about me, I would love to learn a little about you!

If you like my style please give me a shout! I am always happy to talk photography with you!

Professional Camera Equipment

Never Miss A Moment

 It's very important to choose a Photographer who gets you!

One who thinks you are amazing and is excited to capture your personality and beauty in all the moments of your day! Someone you will become friends with because you both have a great sense of humor, love to laugh and watch re-runs of Friends and Gilmour Girls and understands how  very important family is to you!

You should choose a Photographer who knows that you want all the moments and will make sure you won't miss even one! I am that Photographer and I get you!